Occupy Wall Street…Really?

Can we PLEASE figure out what they are protesting and if they even know anything about the economics.

I have been perusing the Occupy Wall Street website doing my best to figure out anything that points to these people having a goal in mind or how they plan on narrowing the economic gap between the 99% and the 1%.

Here is what we know; The Occupy movement folks either 1) Don’t have a clue or 2) don’t really care who they align themselves with as long as it get attention. Most likely a blend of both, at least for those that really do care.

Looking at their schedule of events, I noticed that First they are applauding the Ohio election results which effectively Repealed Senate Bill 5. Ok, we now have collective bargaining back in the state of Ohio for public employees.

Then I noticed that the Occupy Wall Street riff-raff was going to join The Teamsters in support of a picket against lock outs.

What hits me the most, and yes I know I have mentioned it before, is the way the Occupy movement is so quick to join forces with the Union Organizations. We have to, at some point, admit that there is a major misnomer in the title of 99%. which is why there is so much true division over joining the movement for the good of America, or sitting it out because there is no true focus, vision or goal. 

When the Occupiers join forces with The Teamsters I can only guess that they don’t understand that these hard working individuals, have negotiated good wages, fair treatment and decent work hours at a cost. They are hardly a part of the 1% and in effect not in close alliance with the 99%. Union workers get paid a very respectable wage for their employment, substantial health resources and retirement benefits , that does not leave them lacking for much on the “have or have not’s” list. And Union Executives being paid in the $150k to $200k range is hardly a recipe for failure.

Want to see where the money is going for union dues? Check out the $100k plus club.  So people, don’t jump on the Union bandwagon and expect the world to see how you make any sense.

By the way, tell me why we should donate to the OWS Fund? Remember, we are the 99%, lowest of the low, so dramatically apart from the 1% that managed to turn education, hard work, motivation and yes, probably some amount of blind luck, into a great position in life, SORRY! I can’t afford to feed and clothe a bunch of self appointed radicals with no vision. And no, I am not paying your Student Loans for a wasted education.

Have a great day America

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