Elections are in the air.

Is it any wonder that the GOP is having such a hard time deciding who to hold for their choice to be President of the United States?

President Obama is in office, elected mainly on the promise of “Change”, and not much we can do but support what ever happens. We have seen how much the politicians pay attention to the Occupy Movement. I do have to admit that I fell for it too, I voted for our current president, looking forward to something different from a candidate that struck me (and many others) as being different from the regular rhetoric we hear all the time.

Now we see the Republican party moving from one name to another as their choice to lead the party, through the election. I think maybe Herm Cain had at least one thing right…”flavor of the week”.  And none of them with the potential to beat President Obama if the elections were held today. Even with The Presidents approval rating in the toilet.

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 23% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of –19.

Even with Pres. Obama’s rating at 23%, he is still in position to continue to lead this country. My problem at this point is that everyone is quick to throw him under the bus for all of the problems Americans face, but the truth is, he puts forth plans and they get defeated by both parties.  But that is another discussion for another blog.

And we as citizens are faced with coming up with a candidate that will lead our country forward. FROM EITHER PARTY?  You’re kidding me!

Neither party is willing to budge on any plan that can help the economy, job creation or taxes. And we have to elect someone? The only things these clowns can agree on is saving their own payday.

Since the collapse of 2008, both parties have pointed fingers, voted, defeated and more finger pointing to no avail. But one thing that we can be sure of… they will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, beat the deadline for a new budget to keep the government in business. When ever we hear of this budget issue coming up and they have to vote to save government only funding, no one runs around like Chicken Little….THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING.  We are most assuredly going to have this group of idiot elected liars in office, getting substantial pay for doing nothing, today, tomorrow and way into the future.

Because we as Americans have no choice but to vote for the guys with the most money, and pleasing rhetoric. It’s not ever going to get better because Americans have forgotten that our forefathers wrote a document that provides guidance on how to stop this madness.

Even in their own time of coming to the fore, to lead this country, they provided that if the government was not looking out for the best interest of its people, then it should be ruled unjust and removed.

Fire them all… that’s what our forefathers would have done, or better yet, it’s what they did!

This is government by, for and with the people as long as the government says so and you choose not to disagree. But then, no one has ever come to me and asked what I think of any issue on the floor.

Have a great day America

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Merry Christmas

Yes, I said it…Merry Christmas. And NO! I’m not taking it back.

There has been a movement, more or less by political leaders and businesses. This thing has been going on for several years and each year brings me more frustration at the whole thing.

Of course my refusal to jump on the political correctness band wagon doesn’t help, or does it?

Anyway… Here is my point of view. Christmas is December 25th. In the year 350 AD, The Bishop of Rome, Julius I, choose December 25th as the observance of Christmas. It is currently a recognized holiday, that to Christians is a celebration of the birth of Christ. To most others the celebration is used as a time to reflect on/with family and friends, exchange gifts, have a great feast and of course watch football.

On nearly any calendar printed in the United States, December 25th is labeled as Christmas.  So why should we have to wrap the thing in a “Happy Holiday”? Every time someone says Happy Holiday to me, it takes everything I have to not ask, “What Holiday?”.

I see that stores and businesses will paint the windows with Happy Holiday or Holiday Sale. The malls are all full of people shopping for gifts. For what? “The Holiday”? NO! FOR CHRISTMAS! Stores are afraid to lose customers if they offend anyone with the mention of Christmas. Psst… trust me, all those folks that are shopping for gifts in December…they know its Christmas. Those not celebrating Christmas, they’re not shopping.

Nativity scenes on the lawns of government buildings or school grounds, GOOD! If the government can’t bring themselves to allow it simply because we might offend the Muslims. Who really cares? Are we afraid it might give them a reason to hate us? (Another Psst) They already hate Christians and don’t need a reason. Remember 9/11?

So let’s cancel the Happy holiday BS and say what we mean.

Merry Christmas!

Have a great day America 

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OK, I’ll admit it… I love this Occupy Movement. Not because of what they stand for, even they don’t know, but because everyday they provide so much entertainment.

Seems that a local radio personality was criticized for referring to the “Occupy Seattle” folks as “dirty rats”. Well, a self-appointed spokesman (Cameron, only name he would give) for the Seattle movement didn’t take that reference kindly.

Let’s check that out for just a bit. We have, say an abandoned house, rats move in and without any intervention, will proceed to destroy the place.

Now look at this picture. This is an abandoned house in Seattle. The Occupiers have moved in to this house, graffiti on the outside and only god knows what on the inside. Remember, this house is unoccupied by the owner(s), so also no utilities (water, electric or gas). And there are a dozen people (rats) living in this house. Just wondering as I write, when was the last time these animals bathed?

By the very loose definition of “rat” given before, these Occupy people can be described as “rats” and shouldn’t feel so dejected by the title.

Putting that comment aside, what is being done about this? NOTHING! The protesters claim that they have the right to move in to the vacant property since no one else is using it. Their reasoning? “It was built for the working man and so being they have the right to live there.”

 Cameron says it keeps people off the streets.

“There are people out on the streets, and there are buildings empty, and it makes no sense. Personally, I find it disgusting.”

You know what I find disgusting Cameron? I find it disgusting that some dirty rat has moved into a vacant property, vandalized it, destroyed it and claim that it is OK to do so.

It is a strange thing in this country that a house is paid for property, we don’t have a right to it simply because it is abandoned. I live in a house, I PAY FOR THIS HOUSE! I don’t have a right to it, I earn it.

In the meantime the city of Seattle sits back and allows it. Since no complaints have come forth, the city does nothing. Well, I’m complaining! Call animal control and collect all these rodents, hose them down and lock them up. They want a place to live? Try King County Jail.

Or send them my way, they can try to “Occupy” my house. Bring an ambulance.

Forgive me but I have to go do something the Occupiers seem to know nothing about… Shower, go to work and earn a living…SO I CAN PAY FOR MY HOUSE!

Have a great day America

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Pepper Spray Seattle

It has come to pass that the Seattle Police have now used pepper spray on the Occupy Seattle protesters. And The good news? Seattle PD is taking very little heat for it. Of course there are some that just don’t get it, but most see that SPD is doing what they are paid to do.

Most of the negative comments are coming from Occupy Seattle folks or spokesmen. (do they even have a spokesman?)

Occupy Seattle protester Arturo Mitchell said "People were hurt. They’re fed up with being abused by police for trying to take action and change,"

However, accounts show that SPD did not arrive on the scene in a show of force ready for trouble. Notice the picture… bicycle cops. No riot police or equipment. Bicycles and bicycle helmets!


There has been some argument that the use of pepper spray was not warranted. Read what the blotter say about the incident

Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel wrote on the department’s blotter. "Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers,"

Kappel also noted that one man threw an "unknown liquid" at an officer’s face and was arrested. The officer was not injured.

In another incident, Kappel said a 17-year-old woman swung a stick at an officer, and as police moved to arrest her, others tried to intervene on her behalf, prompting a blast of pepper spray.

So First, the protesters are in the street blocking traffic. Second, they are warned to clear the street or be pepper sprayed, (in fact warned three times) Third, they assault a uniformed police officer in the performance of his duties (several times) And then the Occupy Seattle riff raff have the audacity to blame the SPD?

The it comes to light that there was a 84 year old woman and a pregnant woman sprayed. Are we to feel sorry for them being sprayed?


I heard one interview from a man calling himself only “Carson”, who was very upset that the cops were out of control. His point of view was that the police should have been more caring and selective in the use of pepper spray. He said that the police should have stopped, find whoever was in charge of this crowd and have a nice talk about resolving the situation.

HINT! The Occupy movement seems to be about the people taking charge of their own lives. When a cop tell you to clear the street or he/she is going to pepper spray you…do the right thing…MOVE! If you don’t move, prepare to be sprayed. Welcome to the land of choices.

When the police are faced with a crowd of protesters, and are being hit with sticks, liquids being thrown at them and their current protection is a bicycle, no one should expect a nice conversation over tea.

Unless you want a little pepper with your crumpet.

Have a nice day America

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Heroes at Home, Patriot Guard Riders

The Patriot Guard Riders is a organized all volunteer, non-profit group, committed to supporting fallen warriors as they return home. Their mission statement reads as follows:

Patriot Guard Riders Mission Statement

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join us.

We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.

Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:

  1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.
  2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedoms of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you.  We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all.

Recently the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) were invited to welcome home the body of Sgt. Christopher Gailey of BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma. In an article published by News on 6, Oklahoma’s Own, it was noted that a Starbucks Store manager, asked that The PGR leave their parking lot. In retaliation,protesters then began a protest against Starbucks, calling for a boycott of the coffee distributors business.

As a active member of the PGR, I GET IT! Someone please tell me one thing that could be wrong with any organization welcoming home our fallen soldiers.

Starbucks, (more precisely) this particular store manager, asked the PGR to leave the parking lot. Right or wrong, they have the right to do so. And the PGR, standing behind their mission statement, departed without incident. Starbucks has since issued a statement of apology for the action of the manager. That part of the case is now closed.

Then enter the famous (infamous) Westboro Baptist Church, calling for a demonstration of their own at the funeral of Sgt. Gailey.

When we look at the mission statement of the PGR we see in Section 2 of their main mission, it is to; Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protester or group of protesters.

When was it that as a country we have crossed a line that separates what is legally right (our right to protest) and morally right (our need to show respect)?

Westboro Baptist Church claims that it is the will of God that strikes down our soldiers in response to the “gay lifestyle” in America, and that as a country, we are  also doomed by his wrath.

I have to admit that I don’t spend very much time questioning the Will of God. But having been in a war or two in my time, I do understand how wars work… PEOPLE DIE. And not just Americans. Assuming that Westboro is right, that God invokes his wrath on the sinners of the world by killing soldiers, he is taking out a lot of anger on a lot of countries. I guess for each country he might have a different reason. Westboro just happens to be God’s Ear and knows that it is for homosexuality in America.

But does Westboro have the right to show up at funerals and disrupt the most solemn times for families? Under the US Constitution? Yes, they have a right to make known their position, when and where they see fit. Morally? NO!

PGR leaves no doubt about why they are there. To shield families from the idiots at Westboro Baptist. I don’t get how the supreme court has seen fit to think that our founding fathers, would support the acts of terrorist, (yes I said TERRORIST) who cannot find a decent way to make their message known.

Could it be that Franklin, Hancock and Jefferson meant for the outright disrespect to the dead to be tolerated? Could they in fact turn a blind eye to the masses, as fallen soldiers and their families are disrespected in God’s name? I think not. Through any and all protest, for all causes, there MUST be some level of respect.

Good News! Westboro Baptist is the minority… Actually a Super Minority. They get plenty of press only because of their idiotic message of hate and all of us that join together against that message. Their following doesn’t get any stronger, no one sheds a tear when the PGR blocks them from funerals. (Except tears of joy for PGR’s stand against Westboro)

So everyone, stop with the call to boycott Starbucks. You want to protest something? Go to Westboro Baptist Church, 3701 W. 12th Street in Topeka, KS, at noon on any Sunday. Set off fireworks, play loud music on the stereos, have a Family Reunion on the front lawn. Make some noise. Remember, The US Supreme Court said it was OK.

Oh, and all you Occupy Kansas folks, I know where you can hang out and pee on the lawn… just sayin’.

Have a great day America

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Occupy Wall Street…Really?

Can we PLEASE figure out what they are protesting and if they even know anything about the economics.

I have been perusing the Occupy Wall Street website doing my best to figure out anything that points to these people having a goal in mind or how they plan on narrowing the economic gap between the 99% and the 1%.

Here is what we know; The Occupy movement folks either 1) Don’t have a clue or 2) don’t really care who they align themselves with as long as it get attention. Most likely a blend of both, at least for those that really do care.

Looking at their schedule of events, I noticed that First they are applauding the Ohio election results which effectively Repealed Senate Bill 5. Ok, we now have collective bargaining back in the state of Ohio for public employees.

Then I noticed that the Occupy Wall Street riff-raff was going to join The Teamsters in support of a picket against lock outs.

What hits me the most, and yes I know I have mentioned it before, is the way the Occupy movement is so quick to join forces with the Union Organizations. We have to, at some point, admit that there is a major misnomer in the title of 99%. which is why there is so much true division over joining the movement for the good of America, or sitting it out because there is no true focus, vision or goal. 

When the Occupiers join forces with The Teamsters I can only guess that they don’t understand that these hard working individuals, have negotiated good wages, fair treatment and decent work hours at a cost. They are hardly a part of the 1% and in effect not in close alliance with the 99%. Union workers get paid a very respectable wage for their employment, substantial health resources and retirement benefits , that does not leave them lacking for much on the “have or have not’s” list. And Union Executives being paid in the $150k to $200k range is hardly a recipe for failure.

Want to see where the money is going for union dues? Check out the $100k plus club.  So people, don’t jump on the Union bandwagon and expect the world to see how you make any sense.

By the way, tell me why we should donate to the OWS Fund? Remember, we are the 99%, lowest of the low, so dramatically apart from the 1% that managed to turn education, hard work, motivation and yes, probably some amount of blind luck, into a great position in life, SORRY! I can’t afford to feed and clothe a bunch of self appointed radicals with no vision. And no, I am not paying your Student Loans for a wasted education.

Have a great day America

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American Rights? Wake up Occupiers!

OK, The Occupy (Where ever) Movement still has me confused… Or maybe I get it and they are the confused ones. Since there is still no defined goals and they continue to protest for their “rights”, let me help point them in a direction of understanding.

The RIGHTS you hold as an American is not the same as a guarantee. We have the right to all the best things in life, The right to the best jobs, biggest house, luxury car or big screen TV. Even the right to the big bank accounts enjoyed by the so-called 1%. But we are not guaranteed any of these things.

And the problem with this is that while we all would like to live our lives in the pit of luxury, the truth is that it is not a possibility to everyone. The world is full of “haves” and “have not’s”. I suppose that in the “Big Picture” I am of the “Have Not’s” Variety.  But I don’t sit and blame the government for that, I am not pointing fingers at JP Morgan-Chase because of my inability to become a millionaire. I blame them for other things.

I blame myself for the position in which I find myself. If I had listened to my mom when she told me to get an education, pay attention in class or look to the future, I am sure that the direction of my life could have been altered. What I have learned though is that, If we all could be millionaires, we would be.  I am not part of the 1% and refuse to be aligned with the 99%.

So here it is: You as an American Citizen have the right to “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”. No where in that, does it say you are Guaranteed these things, only that you have a right to them. You want more money? Get a job and make more. You want to make millions? Get an education if you can and start your own business. If you are unable to accomplish the things needed to be part of the 1%, tough luck!

If you are one of those that either had the luxury of higher education given to you, or the motivation needed to work your way through college, then more power to you. If however, you are now sitting on your educational laurels and complaining that no one is looking out for you… Then you are wasting the education that you obtained. You managed to get through college, graduate at the top of your class, with a degree in Economics, then stand on a street corner, complaining that you can’t figure out why you can’t make money. Take your damn degree and put it in the pile with all the other whiners, and throw a match on it.

Have a great day America

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