American Rights? Wake up Occupiers!

OK, The Occupy (Where ever) Movement still has me confused… Or maybe I get it and they are the confused ones. Since there is still no defined goals and they continue to protest for their “rights”, let me help point them in a direction of understanding.

The RIGHTS you hold as an American is not the same as a guarantee. We have the right to all the best things in life, The right to the best jobs, biggest house, luxury car or big screen TV. Even the right to the big bank accounts enjoyed by the so-called 1%. But we are not guaranteed any of these things.

And the problem with this is that while we all would like to live our lives in the pit of luxury, the truth is that it is not a possibility to everyone. The world is full of “haves” and “have not’s”. I suppose that in the “Big Picture” I am of the “Have Not’s” Variety.  But I don’t sit and blame the government for that, I am not pointing fingers at JP Morgan-Chase because of my inability to become a millionaire. I blame them for other things.

I blame myself for the position in which I find myself. If I had listened to my mom when she told me to get an education, pay attention in class or look to the future, I am sure that the direction of my life could have been altered. What I have learned though is that, If we all could be millionaires, we would be.  I am not part of the 1% and refuse to be aligned with the 99%.

So here it is: You as an American Citizen have the right to “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”. No where in that, does it say you are Guaranteed these things, only that you have a right to them. You want more money? Get a job and make more. You want to make millions? Get an education if you can and start your own business. If you are unable to accomplish the things needed to be part of the 1%, tough luck!

If you are one of those that either had the luxury of higher education given to you, or the motivation needed to work your way through college, then more power to you. If however, you are now sitting on your educational laurels and complaining that no one is looking out for you… Then you are wasting the education that you obtained. You managed to get through college, graduate at the top of your class, with a degree in Economics, then stand on a street corner, complaining that you can’t figure out why you can’t make money. Take your damn degree and put it in the pile with all the other whiners, and throw a match on it.

Have a great day America

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