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It is what it is…

Elections are in the air.

Is it any wonder that the GOP is having such a hard time deciding who to hold for their choice to be President of the United States? President Obama is in office, elected mainly on the promise of “Change”, and … Continue reading

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OK, I’ll admit it… I love this Occupy Movement. Not because of what they stand for, even they don’t know, but because everyday they provide so much entertainment. Seems that a local radio personality was criticized for referring to the “Occupy Seattle” folks as … Continue reading

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Right to bear arms.

I lay no claim to writing the following article. I do however understand how it clearly points out our constitutional right and our obligations as free citizens, to own a personal weapon and know how to use it.   The … Continue reading

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Herman Cain…Just another.

Just when you feel there is another choice in the run for President of the United States, along comes Herman Cain. Now, I’m not saying I have been on the bandwagon to elect Herman Cain to the office. Just way … Continue reading

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