Merry Christmas

Yes, I said it…Merry Christmas. And NO! I’m not taking it back.

There has been a movement, more or less by political leaders and businesses. This thing has been going on for several years and each year brings me more frustration at the whole thing.

Of course my refusal to jump on the political correctness band wagon doesn’t help, or does it?

Anyway… Here is my point of view. Christmas is December 25th. In the year 350 AD, The Bishop of Rome, Julius I, choose December 25th as the observance of Christmas. It is currently a recognized holiday, that to Christians is a celebration of the birth of Christ. To most others the celebration is used as a time to reflect on/with family and friends, exchange gifts, have a great feast and of course watch football.

On nearly any calendar printed in the United States, December 25th is labeled as Christmas.  So why should we have to wrap the thing in a “Happy Holiday”? Every time someone says Happy Holiday to me, it takes everything I have to not ask, “What Holiday?”.

I see that stores and businesses will paint the windows with Happy Holiday or Holiday Sale. The malls are all full of people shopping for gifts. For what? “The Holiday”? NO! FOR CHRISTMAS! Stores are afraid to lose customers if they offend anyone with the mention of Christmas. Psst… trust me, all those folks that are shopping for gifts in December…they know its Christmas. Those not celebrating Christmas, they’re not shopping.

Nativity scenes on the lawns of government buildings or school grounds, GOOD! If the government can’t bring themselves to allow it simply because we might offend the Muslims. Who really cares? Are we afraid it might give them a reason to hate us? (Another Psst) They already hate Christians and don’t need a reason. Remember 9/11?

So let’s cancel the Happy holiday BS and say what we mean.

Merry Christmas!

Have a great day America 

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One Response to Merry Christmas

  1. Pamimay says:

    I totally agree. I get so tired of things being taken from me because it may offend someone else. What about me, don’t I matter? Take the word GOD out of the Pledge of Aliegence because it may offend someone…….can’t say a prayer or salute the flag in school anymore…when I was in school, I remember there were certain kids who had to leave the room and stand in the hall until the rest of us did the pledge of allegience…wasn’t no big deal, it was their choice, or rather their parents, we were just use to it. I am offended that more privilege is given to the Muslims, and others that have come into our country and demanded these changes and our own government has chosen to show weakness and give in than to stand up and kick their asses out of our country and tell them “This is how we do it in America, don’t like it? LEAVE”

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