OK, I’ll admit it… I love this Occupy Movement. Not because of what they stand for, even they don’t know, but because everyday they provide so much entertainment.

Seems that a local radio personality was criticized for referring to the “Occupy Seattle” folks as “dirty rats”. Well, a self-appointed spokesman (Cameron, only name he would give) for the Seattle movement didn’t take that reference kindly.

Let’s check that out for just a bit. We have, say an abandoned house, rats move in and without any intervention, will proceed to destroy the place.

Now look at this picture. This is an abandoned house in Seattle. The Occupiers have moved in to this house, graffiti on the outside and only god knows what on the inside. Remember, this house is unoccupied by the owner(s), so also no utilities (water, electric or gas). And there are a dozen people (rats) living in this house. Just wondering as I write, when was the last time these animals bathed?

By the very loose definition of “rat” given before, these Occupy people can be described as “rats” and shouldn’t feel so dejected by the title.

Putting that comment aside, what is being done about this? NOTHING! The protesters claim that they have the right to move in to the vacant property since no one else is using it. Their reasoning? “It was built for the working man and so being they have the right to live there.”

 Cameron says it keeps people off the streets.

“There are people out on the streets, and there are buildings empty, and it makes no sense. Personally, I find it disgusting.”

You know what I find disgusting Cameron? I find it disgusting that some dirty rat has moved into a vacant property, vandalized it, destroyed it and claim that it is OK to do so.

It is a strange thing in this country that a house is paid for property, we don’t have a right to it simply because it is abandoned. I live in a house, I PAY FOR THIS HOUSE! I don’t have a right to it, I earn it.

In the meantime the city of Seattle sits back and allows it. Since no complaints have come forth, the city does nothing. Well, I’m complaining! Call animal control and collect all these rodents, hose them down and lock them up. They want a place to live? Try King County Jail.

Or send them my way, they can try to “Occupy” my house. Bring an ambulance.

Forgive me but I have to go do something the Occupiers seem to know nothing about… Shower, go to work and earn a living…SO I CAN PAY FOR MY HOUSE!

Have a great day America

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