Pepper Spray Seattle

It has come to pass that the Seattle Police have now used pepper spray on the Occupy Seattle protesters. And The good news? Seattle PD is taking very little heat for it. Of course there are some that just don’t get it, but most see that SPD is doing what they are paid to do.

Most of the negative comments are coming from Occupy Seattle folks or spokesmen. (do they even have a spokesman?)

Occupy Seattle protester Arturo Mitchell said "People were hurt. They’re fed up with being abused by police for trying to take action and change,"

However, accounts show that SPD did not arrive on the scene in a show of force ready for trouble. Notice the picture… bicycle cops. No riot police or equipment. Bicycles and bicycle helmets!


There has been some argument that the use of pepper spray was not warranted. Read what the blotter say about the incident

Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel wrote on the department’s blotter. "Pepper spray was deployed only against subjects who were either refusing a lawful order to disperse or engaging in assaultive behavior toward officers,"

Kappel also noted that one man threw an "unknown liquid" at an officer’s face and was arrested. The officer was not injured.

In another incident, Kappel said a 17-year-old woman swung a stick at an officer, and as police moved to arrest her, others tried to intervene on her behalf, prompting a blast of pepper spray.

So First, the protesters are in the street blocking traffic. Second, they are warned to clear the street or be pepper sprayed, (in fact warned three times) Third, they assault a uniformed police officer in the performance of his duties (several times) And then the Occupy Seattle riff raff have the audacity to blame the SPD?

The it comes to light that there was a 84 year old woman and a pregnant woman sprayed. Are we to feel sorry for them being sprayed?


I heard one interview from a man calling himself only “Carson”, who was very upset that the cops were out of control. His point of view was that the police should have been more caring and selective in the use of pepper spray. He said that the police should have stopped, find whoever was in charge of this crowd and have a nice talk about resolving the situation.

HINT! The Occupy movement seems to be about the people taking charge of their own lives. When a cop tell you to clear the street or he/she is going to pepper spray you…do the right thing…MOVE! If you don’t move, prepare to be sprayed. Welcome to the land of choices.

When the police are faced with a crowd of protesters, and are being hit with sticks, liquids being thrown at them and their current protection is a bicycle, no one should expect a nice conversation over tea.

Unless you want a little pepper with your crumpet.

Have a nice day America

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