Hand Guns, Opinion

This is a piece of news I heard on the radio and thought nothing of until a Great Debate was held on the air. ref: Ross and Burbank 97.3 KIRO Seattle.

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (AP) – A South Carolina sheriff is urging women to get concealed weapons permits and carry guns to protect themselves.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright made the suggestion Monday while discussing the arrest of a suspect in an attempted rape last weekend.

Wright suggests that women carry a .45-caliber weapon because he says they wouldn’t have to be accurate, just close to the target. He showed reporters at a news conference a fanny pack women could use to carry a handgun while jogging.

The sheriff encouraged women to walk in groups. And he said it’s better to carry a gun than mace.

Forty-six-year-old Walter Monroe Lance of Spartanburg was charged Monday with kidnapping, first-degree criminal sexual conduct and grand larceny in a Sunday attack on a woman in a park.

Seems that the talk was that this Sheriff was in favor of women carrying weapons, actually he suggested Colt 1911 .45 cal ACP. His reasoning is that the 45 cal is better at point and shoot, in that with its knockdown power, it gets the message across no matter where you hit your attacker.

But that’s another story for another time.

Luke (Luck Burbank) 97.3 KIRO personality, was pretty much against the idea of women, more directly, mass people carrying weapons (handguns) more to the point, his objection was that he was against everyone doing so, not just women.

However, to be fair, Luke is not the only one that holds this line of thinking…or lack of thinking.

His “reasoning” was that if we had everyone carrying a hand gun, then suddenly everyone would be shooting them at each other. MASS SHOOTING?

A lot of people carry handguns, more than likely, you walk by someone everyday that has a pistol in his/her waistband, purse…etc. Most people who carry are also likely to never use it for more than target practice.

Simply put, citizens carrying handguns does not increase the number of bullets flying through the air. In fact studies have shown that States that have used more liberal laws, and allowed more people to carry, have reduced their violent street crime rates by nearly 50%. Why? Because it is a little tougher on a criminal to pick a target, when anyone could be ready to answer with a quick shot in reply.

I do want to say that carrying a gun is a big responsibility. Get training, be ready. Pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger is something not to be taken lightly and WILL change your life immediately.

Just my opinion… I carry. My right, my obligation.

Have a great day America

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One Response to Hand Guns, Opinion

  1. marina.stanifer@wsp.wa.gov says:

    Couldnt agree more. I’d like to add one more thing: women are generally weaker than men. That makes us an easier target. I say, if a man can come at me and overpower me with brute strength, then I want something that will overpower him. Nuff said. And mace isn’t effective in terms of stopping power. All it was designed for was to startle and temporarily disable long enough for the person ie law enforcement, to get the upper hand. Why bother with the extra step. Point, squeeze, stop. Bye bye bad man.

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