This is school?

Dateline: Vancouver, WA.

The Evergreen School District is telling Vancouver parents it has no problem with a male substitute teacher who dresses like a woman as long as he follows the dress code that prohibits outfits that are too short, too tight or low cut.
KATU reports the sub filled in Wednesday at a humanities class at Wy’East Middle School. Some kids who were laughing and making jokes were pulled out of class.

A representative of the Evergreen School District also indicated that a teacher could also not cause a distraction in the way he or she dressed. 

Let’s see… this is wrong on so many fronts. But hard to argue some points.

First, we know that constitutional rights as they are, protect people to do and express themselves as they see fit as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another. That being said, this could be different.

Let me say that in my world, I am not opposed to gays, lesbians,a-sexual, bisexuals, trans-gender or neutrals. What another person does is not my problem and should not be viewed as a problem at all…. welcome to the 21st century.

But in our schools, our children have the right to learn and a teacher has the obligation to make that learning possible.

So let’s put out some points to ponder, and see if I raise a few eyebrows in my thinking.

A male teacher should not come in to class and disrupt the learning process by dressing as a woman. Now in all reports that were given from the various news agencies, the teacher was not blamed, by the school board, for causing any disruption. Although it was reported that several students were removed from the classroom for laughing. This is not a disruption to those students? It is my thinking that we cannot blame 12 year old boys, for finding a male teacher, dressed as a woman, a funny situation. What are we supposed to do? Tell our sons not to be 12?

So if one of the Dress Code requirements is that it must NOT disrupt the teaching, who was to blame? Teacher or Student? Let’s say that all the boy students came to class in dresses, rest assured that all of them would have been removed from class and parents would have been notified that their behavior is not being in keeping with school policy or tradition. Somebody jump me and tell me I am wrong.

Next the parents of the students. They immediately went into a frenzy wanting to know what they were supposed to tell their children. Parents! You mean to tell me you can’t figure out what to tell your children and need guidance from the school? It is time you at least acted like parents and stop making the school, soccer coach or Barnie  re-runs, baby sit your kids. What do you tell your children? Simple, that there are many different people in the world with different beliefs. And although it may be different from what you see as normal, it is okay, different, but OK. Then move on to dinner.

Teachers, most are great (at least good). But get a grip! You have an obligation to the students to teach. I really don’t care how you get it done, JUST TEACH. Forget your damn rights to express yourself. I don’t want your opinion. I want facts. 2+2=4. I don’t care that your opinion is that it may equal 5 is some cross universe.  I don’t care that you think you have the right to dress as a Ugandan Headhunter, if it takes attention away from the education of my child then you are wrong and are abusing my trust.

Until society and all its children accept the fact that men are allowed to dress as women, your sexual orientation means nothing in the big picture and that pigs can indeed fly, then the norm is the norm. I’ll teach my children life lessons, thank you very much. Male teachers… Come to class dressed as a man. Or don’t blame my son for laughing at you.  

Have a great day America.

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