We are still Occupying!

We still just don’t know why.

It struck me two days ago that this Occupy Anywhere thing , although it may have a good underlying cause, REPEAT! MAYBE! Is almost ridiculous in its execution.

I know this from my drive home form work Thursday. I was driving through Puyallup, WA. And right in the center of town were 4 kids with Occupy Puyallup signs. OK, all protest have to start somewhere, so other than a good chuckle, I let it pass, sort of. If you are from this area and know Puyallup, you will also know that it is a nice little city, mostly either Car Dealerships or shops and antique stores.  Not much more happens there except the annual “Daffodil Parade”, Western Washington Fair and farmers market.

So initially it gets me thinking that these are just kids trying to get on the bandwagon. I know I keep saying “kids” as opposed to young people or young adults. First remember… I am not PC. I am over 50 years old and below 20 is kid to me. And Second… These are kids, if any of them, ANY…were even in their 20’s, I’ll change my age to a  thousand.

Friday’s drive through Puyallup only confirmed my initial judgment.  Mainly because it was the same skinny kids, only this time with Halloween costumes. Same people going about their day, getting off trains, shopping and dining, only difference, the damn costumes.

I’m really glad that the Occupy movement has hit Puyallup. After a long day at work , supporting my portion of the 99%, trust me I need a good laugh. Hey kid, when you are done protesting all the evil doers in Puyallup, can you come out to my place and cut my grass? I’ll give you $10 to narrow the economic gap between the “have’s” and ‘”have not’s”.

Have a great day America

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