Politically correct? Are you kidding me?

I wake up each morning, look into the mirror and convince myself, first; That today is going to be the greatest day of my life, and second; That I will make every effort not to offend anyone.

OK, neither one of those is true. I don’t think that today is going to be a heck of a lot different from yesterday and seriously doubt that tomorrow will be any better. And NO! I am not walking around trying to put together thoughts, translate into verbal communication a sentence that is least likely to offend anyone. I am a grownup. Things that people say fit into one category or another…TRUE OR NOT TRUE, and that is the important thing. If we hurt someone’s feelings in the process, ooops, sorry. But facts are facts and as they say, ” if the shoe fits, wear it.”

We (as a country) are so afraid of offending the muslim community that even in a congressional hearing, Tom Ridge could not bring himself to use the term “Islamic Radicals”, when questioned, afraid to draw any connection to Islam and Muslim populations. And with that connection offending the Muslims, and inciting violence against Americans. Basically the thought is to NOT (in effect) instigate or give them reason to do harm to our country.

Here’s a news flash! THEY DON’T NEED A REASON! They are fighting a “holy war”, a jihad. We are the infidels and that is all that is needed.

Some schools are limiting the Pledge of Allegiance, if said at all. Because some people may be against saying it. Look if you don’t want to recite the Pledge, then don’t. If your feelings are hurt because we say it, tough, go somewhere else. The world is a big place.

We want folks that come to this country to speak english. It’s OK if you are from Mexico and speak spanish, really its fine. But when you talk to me, SPEAK ENGLISH. My daddy used to joke that he could speak every language in the world except Greek, finishing with…IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME! When we call a company on the phone we get the message ” For English press one, for Spanish press two”. It should be some thing more like “for English press one, all others hang up till you speak English”.  I should not be the one to learn a new language to live and work in this country. I didn’t leave any place or go anywhere to get here.

Oh, hell, there are tons more examples of PC gone crazy… but for me, I’m not buying into it. If you are offended by me or my views about you, the option is obvious… go away, lick your wounds and find someone else to see the world your way.

Have a great day America.

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