Occupy, where? Part two.

From my last post you get that I am not very impressed with the Occupy City thing. It has little or no direction. And after all this time you could think that someone would decide what the protest is all about. But in the meantime lets look at a second point.

To gain some momentum with the protest, some groups have taken to inviting or allowing them to invite themselves, Organized Labor Unions. Let me say first that Labor Unions do have their place in the working world. But having said that, for the Unions to be involved in protest against the corporate “fat cats” is akin to having foxes guarding the henhouse. Sure they are happy to be there in “support”, but they get theirs anyway. The Union members are always the ones that are quick to protest the low wages, that keep the lowest always low, but behind the complaints are Union workers that make a substantial living as some of the highest paid employees in our country. Just the perfect group to join a cause for higher pay and employment.

On the subject of creating jobs that the government is always harping on, and has been since 2008, personally, I don’t see it happening… In any useful form anyway.

There are currently 14 million americans out of work. Any and all Job packages that come from The Senate, Congress or the President all have the same limitations. To push a stimulus package out that will get constructions going in the areas of housing and transportation. Here is the problem with that…

In order to be employed as a construction worker in the area of highway building, bridge construction or the building of homes you will be turned down for employment in these fields unless you have either 1) Experience or 2) Inside contact. You can thumb through want ads all day, for days, weeks and months on end. Apply for any position as a general laborer in these areas and find yourself being rejected for lack of experience.

We have had that “catch 22” for some time, even before the “crash”. We all know how to work, and generally speaking there are very few that can’t learn new skills. Given a chance, most of us can figure out how to swing a hammer and knock in nails. putting two pieces of wood together.  And when experience doesn’t count, always look out for the boss’s “stepbrother’s, cousin’s, aunt’s best friends little brother (sister)…. Ah, you get the point. Cause whether he (or she) can swing a hammer or not they is in the running a lot quicker than 13,999,999 other folks. SORRY….THAT POSITION IS FILLED!

 Hey! For those looking for work and complaining about their elected officials, there are 545 positions that need to be filled in Washington, DC right now. They are various levels of skill sets from Secretaries, to Senate and Congressional seats and even a couple of Executive Office positions.

Me? I’m voting for Bob across the street. He doesn’t have a lot, has a job and makes do with what he has. He hasn’t raised his debt ceiling since 1962 and still makes it just fine. If he can eat, drive a car and own a house on what he makes, think how great he could be with billions of dollars!

Have a great day America.

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